Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thread Crochet Lace Gloves

I had started this pair of gloves in 2000 but after completing the first, I was hit with the second glove syndrome and the WIP(work in progress) went into hibernation. Finally, I got these out this year and listed as WIP on my raverly projects. Seeing these day in and day out, gave me the required motivation and I finally finished them.

The pattern is from a burda crochet lace magazine. I did it in simple black sewing thread with 0.6mm hook. The black color and it being thread, made this project a little hard for the eyes. However I still love the patten as much as I did seven years ago.

If I remember correctly, I had also started a pair in white. I will have to finish that as well if and when I find it.

As for spinning news, I am almost halfway through the roving and loving it.


  1. Those are really nice! I'm not sure I can imagine working with such a tiny hook though. Congratulations for finishing such an old unfinished object!

  2. Wow! Those gloves a gorgeous! Also, you should be proud to finish a WIP. That is a struggle for me to finish every project I start.

  3. Those are beautiful. Congrats on finishing them. Wow! sewing thread is tinier than size 30. I don't think I've done anything that small yet.

  4. They are beautiful. Can you at some time put up a pattern for those? I would love to try to make them as well.