Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Blast From The Past: Crocheted Moccasin

This week, I took up crochet for a change and made a pair of moccasin out of the old patttern of mine. Even if I say so myself, the pattern was easy and fast. However these slippers are much heavier than the pair I recently wore out (I loved those), which demonstrates the difference between knitted and crocheted fabric.
The yarn was some Red Heart acrylic languishing in my stash I am so glad I found a way to use it up. I might experiment and get our local cobbler to apply a sole, if such a thing is possible. Maybe.

1 comment :

  1. So nice! Those look smarter than my shoes, and much more comfortable! I used to think about knitting and felting a pair of slippers/clogs, but I bought a pair of slippers with thick rubber soles instead, and they should last for years as long as I don't wear them outdoors. Always a temptation, but so far, I have always remembered to switch at the door. So far...