Friday, November 28, 2014


This week, I decided to put aside the slow-growing sweater and instead cast on a hat. A hat is a much smaller project than a sweater, even if it has a lot of cabling and it seemed to fly after so much time on the pullover, which continues to be bane of my knitting existence. Anyway, I got the hat finished in four days, which is saying something these days.
  The pattern is Gretel. I had the book version of the pattern, which is only in one regular size and only comes with written instructions. The instructions are a bit vague at certain points, but still I managed to complete the hat without any major hiccup.
This is for my eldest daughter and goes with her cable yoke pullover. It fits nicely and looks really well. I was ready to knit another for her in her school color, when she misplaced her old one, this week. But then, the old hat turned up the next day, and I have now resigned myself to go back to the miserable sweater.


  1. What a stunning hat in a stunning color! It seems you are all about the cables right now, I hope it lasts through the current sweater slog.

  2. The hat is beautiful, and it must look perfect with the cardi! I think the color appeals to me even more now, because there is much less green in my landscape at this time of year. It's refreshing to the eye, that yarn!
    Good luck on the also-gorgeous and complex red sweater. I hope it begins to flow right off the needles for you!