Sunday, October 19, 2014

Cable Yoke Cardigan

It feels so good to have a consistent stream of knitting project after such a long time. Still, I am yet to get more than bare minimum knitting time, but I will take it over none at all, that seemed to be my lot, a few months ago.
   The latest project off my needles is this cardigan for my eldest daughter. This was a breeze to knit. (Here is the ravelry pattern page. I found the working link to the pdf in the comments). Even when there was quite a bit of finishing to this knit (this pattern is knit in five separate pieces), including the daunting task of sewing the yoke to the sleeves and body part, but it all went smoothly, and the end result is quite satisfactory. The pattern is easy-to-follow. I added a few inches to the length and a few rows to the armhole depth. The yarn is one of my local favorite, now discontinued.
 I just might have enough yarn leftover to knit a matching hat. And in the spirit of more consistent knitting, I bought yarn enough for two sweaters, this weekend. Now, I begin the pleasurable task of picking some sweater patterns.


  1. So pretty! I love the color, and the fit looks perfect! I'm noticing that kind of sideways-knit yoke more often lately (several people I "know" on rav have recenty knitted a Lush cardigan) and it always seems to look so cozy and custom-fitted. Can't wait to see your next sweaters!

  2. I, too, am excited about your steady stream of knitting! I can see why that yarn is a favorite, it's really a beautiful saturated color. I am sorry to hear it is discontinued.

    However, I am very eager to see what you pick for upcoming projects!