Thursday, August 15, 2013

Feather And Fan Baby Sweater And Bonnet

Eid festivities being over, I am back with a couple of little projects as promised. I knit a little baby sweater with feather and fan pattern and then knit a bonnet to match. Knitting for babies has to be the easiest kind but my skills must be a bit rusted because I had a hard time finding right enough patterns for this yarn. And even though the finished objects are nice, they haven't turned out as good as I had hoped.
  The cardigan is a Lion Brand pattern. The neckline is a bit awkward, but the rest is simple enough. The bonnet pattern was a pleasure to knit, even though I changed the lace pattern to be identical to the cardigan.
  Next up is going to be another baby set, inshaAllah. Much nicer, I hope.

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