Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cabled Baby Jacket

This one turned out far better then my last baby cardigan. But then, I have always had good experience with DROPS patterns, even though the instructions can be a little tricky and hard to understand. This was a joy to knit and so cute to boot. However I got unlucky with the yarn as the second ball of yarn turned out to be a shade different in color and also texture. You can pick out the difference if you look closely at the collar. That put quite a damper on my knitting spirits and I am now debating if I should continue with the matching bonnet.


  1. Oh that is definately cute and one pattern that I printed out a long time ago but never knit up. I think the matching bonnet would be adorable and I cant see the color difference at all.

  2. The pattern is lovely! I am having trouble seeing the color/yarn difference from here. I'd suppose that knitting a bonnet, and having it be on the baby's head, would be far enough away from the rest of the set to have it match still? Super sweet sweater!