Monday, May 14, 2012

Spring Sewing Part 2

 It has been ten days since my last post. Looking back, I know I indulged in some sort of craft activity, most of those ten days, still there is not much to show for it. I did sew a couple of my shalwar kameez but that does not make for interesting blog content. I also sewed a dress and a top for my five-year old:
Both have almost identical draft, just variation in length and placement of elastic gives different results. 
  Sadly, on the knitting front, my color work project did not go very well. I had started Dance of Robots for my son. The pattern is for 3-7 year olds and my son is eight. I was hoping to get the right size with larger needle size but my optimism was unrealistic. It makes me sad, because I quite loved the pattern.
 So I have ripped back and will start with something quite different. No color work this time, unless someone has any suggestions?

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  1. I find all your sewing projects interesting!

    Sorry the knitting didn't work looks like you put a lot of work into it. I still haven't tried colorwork, but maybe one day.