Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I took a break from Month O'Socks to knit a hat. This is to be my daughter's school hat this year. She had grown out of her old, generic one and I thought a little variation from the plain uniform hat was in order. Happily, her school is very appreciative of hand knits. It has a lovely shape, covers the ears and has enough stretch to accommodate the ponytails! And the crochet flower adds to the cuteness.

As for the pattern, it is a variation of the Aviatrix baby hat. I had knit one of those for my younger daughter and loved it. The pattern covers many sizes and yarn weights. I knit it in DK weight. The yarn is local acrylic.

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  1. MASHAALLAH, very neat !!!!!!! i like the ridges on it, it gives it a unique look. i too love crochet & knitted things, you can join me at