Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Month O'Socks 2012

It is time for the annual Month O'Socks (MOS) at the Sporum Forum (ravelry). This year it runs from Jaunaury 16 to 15th of February. I have had a slow start but I hope to knit at least two pairs of socks and a pair of leg-knee warmers. Right now I am working at the first pair, stashbuster socks for my son, who has grown out of the pair I knit him last year. I have one complete sock and the other knit up the the heel.
 This first sock is not among of my finest works, I experimented with different knitting styles while knitting it, and also messed up the color spirals in the foot section. The second sock is looking much better. I have also started the leg-knee warmers. And I just might knit one hat too, this month, in addition to all the MOS knitting.


  1. This is an interesting effect using stripes and different yarns.Perfect for all the small skeind of yarn.

  2. I love the wildness of them, works well for kid socks!