Saturday, February 26, 2011

DROPS Cabled Jumpsuit and Basque Hat

Here goes the first set for the baby. It is a DROPS pattern, which was a bit hard to decipher, leading to small bursts of frogging. Especially the part where the cables start, the stitch count seemed off and I had to work it out on my own. Other than that, it was a quick knit and seems to be well-sized. I knit it in 6/9 months size. The hat is the one modeled with the jumpsuit, though it does not exactly match, with no cables and all garter st. It turned out a bit too large, a toddler size. I have tried to fix it by running a couple of rows of elastic sewing thread through the head band. The yarn is Bally DK, our good local acrylic.
  Next up is a baby sweater, another DROPS design and thankfully, it has been a breeze to knit so far. Hope to post the FO during the next week, inshaAllah.


  1. Cute outfit!

    You are right about the hat though, I wonder why it wasn't made as a closer match to the romper?

  2. A good pattern I think as it's a good shape of it and it seems to be something nice for the baby.You really have made it so perfect.

  3. I found your blog while searching Ravelry for lace projects made with Knitpicks Palette. All of your projects are GORGEOUS!

    Congratulations on your expanding family!

  4. I am having a difficult time with joining the legs, and getting the cable started. Very confused by the P2K2 into each of the next two stiches, P2, then P2K2 into the next two stiches. It would seem that each stich would become four, and then overall row increases by 12. But the row only increases by 4?? Could you tell me what you did?

  5. It means increase one st in each st, i.e, P2 in the first st and K2 in the secon st. I agree, the oinstruction is oddly worded.