Friday, February 18, 2011

Cable Pullover With Shawl Collar

 Thank you all for your well wishes.
 Before continuing with my baby knitting, I had to complete this sweater I had started for my son in January. It was neglected quite a bit, while I worked on the baby blanket. I took it up again last week and finally it is done and donned.
 The pattern is my own and the yarn, our local acrylic (which is quite nice and excellent for kids' knits). I had wanted to knit a shawl collar for a long time and this project seemed perfect to try it out. I am quite pleased with how it turned out. The sleeves are quite a bit long, partly due to it being a size 8 on a seven year old and partly due to my inadvertently adding an inch to the size 8 length. But he will grow into it by the next winter, inshaAllah,  for which the pullover is intended.


  1. How smart it is! A marvelous sweater for a very handsome young man.

    Take good care of yourself!

  2. A handsome sweater on a handsome boy, and you already have a headstart on next winter!

  3. This is LOVELY! I'd love to knit it in a girly color for Bug. When life slows down...perhaps you'd need a test knitter again?

  4. Wonderful sweater and I always think acrylic yarns are much easier for kids to wear!

  5. Assalamo aleykum! :)

    Congratulations for the expected baby!
    I have been stumbling by your blog once in a while the last three years to see your beautiful knitting, mashAllah.

    Love the sweater.

  6. He seems to be very happy for it.Yes you have succeded once again to do something very nice