Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Place Mats

I finally finished the place mats I had started last January, and that only when I cut down their number from originally planned four to merely a pair. These are already well in use, doing double duty as hot pads in addition to being place mats, but frankly, these were quite boring to knit. Maybe it was the harsh feel of the cotton (Peaches and Creme) or the monotony of the pattern or both. In any case I am happy these are done.

I have a feeling my knitting has been a bit insipid lately. For now, I am going to blame our foggy weather for it. 


  1. I completely understand. I've decided I want to blog more, but I don't feel like I have the right pictures/knitting/words to do it! I suppose like all things, blogging has its ebb and flow.

  2. Oh and...I actually really like the look of the placemats!