Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Spring Top

This one got a fair share of ripping done on it as I fiddled around with the sizing. So I am really happy it is finally done. It uses Rowan cotton glace and my own design. It has a lot of room for my daughter to grow in, which is a good thing considering our springs are usually short-lived and will also work over layers during our milder winter.


  1. It's absolutely wonderful!!! I'm sure it will be really lovely to wear either with or without a top under.

  2. How lucky is your daughter to have her very own clothes designer !! everyone an exclusive!! hope all is weel with you & the family & you are enjoying the milder weather

  3. Wow, that is cute. I'd think it could get winter wear, too. A nice layer.

    Our springs are usually very, very short. We are lucky that this year is a bit better than usual.

  4. Asalaamualeikum sis, mashaaAllaah beautiful work, you are very talented!

  5. Love the red patterns very much,it reminds me of embroideries on different clothes.

    I wish you a creative time