Monday, June 8, 2009

My Sewing Box

I have done little knitting during the last few days, partly because it was too hot to handle yarn and partly because I was busy with some sewing. While my sewing projects are still in progress and are not currently bloggable, I wanted to show you my sewing box.

I made it several years ago and don't remember all the details. I just had an idea of making an expandable box to hold all my sewing needs and one evening, set forth to make it. That was before kids' time, of course, LOL!

As you can see, it is a cube which opens out flat. There are pockets with elastic edging on three sides and the lid, while the fourth side has space for holding scissors, measuring tape etc. there is also a small pincushion, though I later found it too hard for my taste and so use another one. There is enough place in the cube to hold all the sewing related supplies for the project I happen to have at hand.

It has thin card board between two layers of fabric to maintain its shape. I did some sort of applique on the sides' and the lid's exterior, as well as crochet edging along all the edges.

Though it lacks finesse and glamor and has worn with time, but it is quite handy and practical, easy to store and I am getting good use out of it. And did I mention, I quite love it!


  1. How practical. Masha'Allah, you are so lucky to have this talent. When did you learn to sew & knit & crochet, and everything else? ha,ha. Anyway, often times, I know what I need but I'm not skilled enough to make it and so I end up spending hours in stores trying to find what I'm looking for, only to end up with something close to it, but not exactly. :/

  2. I love this! How practical and gorgeous!

  3. Oh Cool.That is a Great Idea.