Sunday, July 29, 2007

iPod fashions

As my husband's ipod is his favorite toy, he is very concerned about its care and safety. And so for the first time he asked me to make a case for it, one spacious enough to hold both the pod as well as the accompanying headphones and wires. Initially, I made him one a few months back which was a modification of PDA carrying case from, done in black and grey.

Then I had another idea and sewed him one out of blue denim. This one had separate pockets for ipod and its accesories and you could use the ipod without taking it out of the case. this one was a real hit!

Now this week, I decided to carry out the same design in knitting with moderate success. As my husband tells me, knitted one is more attractive but the denim one is sturdier. We don't have felted yarn available in our area, otherwise I think it would be a nice choice for an ipod case.

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  1. I love that iPod cover! The diamond motif is so pretty.