Monday, November 27, 2017

Winter Fantasy Cardigan

After a summer-long hiatus, this project was recently picked up again.  At that point, it needed a few inches of knitting on the body and both sleeves. A few rows on it every night and it is finally done. I sewed the buttons on it last evening and wove in the ends this morning.

I like stranded work so this was a good, fun project. Knitting top-down meant reversing the instructions and doing some recalculation to adjust gauge. The cardigan is on the smaller side, because I was tired of baggy sweaters (and perhaps am a bit deluded about my actual size). All-in-all it was a satisfactory project and just the thing to bring back the knitting mood.

1 comment :

  1. So very pretty! The colorwork seems to transition into the solid color in a perfect balance, to my eye.
    I've been slowly catching up on blog-reading and have very much enjoyed your dollhouse and all its details! Your girls must be thrilled, and also impressed with their Mama's construction skills :)