Friday, October 13, 2017

Dollhouse: Living Room Snippets

Continuing with the dollhouse, the first room put together was the living room. I started with a sofa, made of fabric scraps and cardboard.  It is upholstered in some leftover cotton from one of my sewing projects.
The I used the popsicles sticks to make a coffee table and a side table. These were later painted brown.
The rug took the most amount of time. It tòk me two weeks to latch-hook this thing. It used up one of the oldest yarns in my stash, but was a lot of work.
I also made some curtains. I'm not sure about them but the girls like them and my husband told me to move on.
Next I did some wall art and built a TV. (My six-year old want me to turn a cellphone into a TV so as to have one with some action.) And a table to go with it. And you can also see a clock there. I rimmed it with green crystal beads.
The wall art for the other wall.
And lastly, I made a chandelier for the room, just yesterday.
The room in its enirety will be posted in the final dollhouse post. Next post, the kitchen highlights.

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