Monday, December 19, 2016


This pattern must be easy to adapt, because I successfully managed it with different yarn weight, needle size and guage, considering too, that I knit this adult-sized sweater for my 10 year old. The ease was for most part due to the top-down construction and loose fit.
 I simply cast on with the sts for smallest size and winged it from there. I did do little math and worked out the number of sts I needed to have at the underarm, considering my gauge. (I do not remember the exact number, as it was mostly in my head). I also drove my daughter crazy, having her try it on several times along the way. Beyond the armholes it was all plain sailing.
The yarn is our good old acrylic. I am planning on adding a third button to the sides, to decrease gaping. Other than that, it is all done and looks good. 


  1. It certainly does look good! An interesting design, and your work is so even and elegant - as always!
    I just followed your link and looked at several pages of projects on rav - this is one of those patterns that seems to suit a range of shapes and sizes. I can see why it is so popular.
    Will it be difficult to add buttonholes at this point? Just curious about your technique.

    1. You will be disappointed in my technique. I figured, as these buttonholes were more of a design feature and not to be in use much, there was no harm in just sewing the two extra buttons and squeezing them through the ribbing at the points where buttonholes ought to be.