Monday, March 23, 2015

Catching Up

The past month or so have been intensely busy, leaving me little spare time to craft or blog. On top of recovering from my concussion (which I did, soon enough), and helping kids with their exams preparation, we were visited upon by a couple of contagious illnesses, most probably of viral origin. We are still reeling from the effects of the latest one. It has infected all the four kids, one by one, with high-grade fever and sore throat and has given us parents, symptoms of fatigue. Thankfully, this illness did not hamper the exams.
   One the knitting front, I managed some progress on my son's sweater, going beyond the armholes and finishing the back.

But the things are heating up quite fast in Islamabad, making me have little desire to knit a thick Aran sweater. Instead I am drawn to sewing. I have a couple of projects to share in the coming posts, inshaAllah.


  1. We also have had bad condition on some of the students and for me more than a month,a type of flue with fever,Happy to see you are able to do something else,more handicraft.Sock knitting has been my favourite but now Iäm going to do a pair of mittens and hopefully some embroisery..In a week our Easter holidays starts and I'm very happy for that.Our grandsone is in Japan but in the middle of Juöy they,hopefully.they are visiting us.Still I hav closed the commentary field as i got so many spams nearly every day.Wish you and your family the best,

  2. So glad to hear the worst of the malaise has passed! I am sure a houseful of sick children would bring on symptoms of fatigue in the adults. Nice understatement, there.
    Take care of yourself!