Friday, September 26, 2014

Striped Baby Cardigan

This week, I worked on this baby cardigan. You can probably tell that leftover yarns from some previous projects were used in this project. The short sleeves, with different color ribbing and underlying plain, full sleeves, might look like clever design elements, but are in fact improvisations on my part, as I ran out of yarns.

The pattern I started with, was Little Coffee Bean Cardigan, but these necessary, impromptu changes turned it into something else. Nevertheless, I still think it turned out quite cute.


  1. In the video game world, it is often said "That's not a bug, it's a feature." That seems to apply here, it looks fantastic! Like a white longsleeve tshirt under a short sleeve sweater. Absolutely beautiful. Also, I do so love the coffee bean cardi, and this is a fabulous modification that I need to remember.

  2. They may be improvisations, but I think they are ALSO clever design elements! Very nice sweater :)