Monday, June 30, 2014

Spring / Summer Sewing 2014 - Part 3

The clothes for my 6-month old are done. I managed to get them done, before the deadline I set myself. The first one is a dress full of ruffles. There are ruffles at the bottom as well as at the armholes. It is a heavily modified version of one of my tried and tested pattern, from an old Burda magazine. You can see the my earlier project with same pattern here (the baby dresses).
 The second one is a two-piece outfit, a top with coordinating bloomers. This one is self-drafted. The yoke could have been neater, but it is still cute, nevertheless.
This post rounds up my sewing projects for this summer. I also sew a couple of shorts for my son, which saw a lot of rough use before I could do a post about them. And a few outfits for myself but those do not make for an interesting post.


  1. You made it.Very good.There ar so many nice outfits.Wish you a peaceful and nive time.

  2. So very cute and lovely outfits!

  3. Oh, these are very pretty and love the pink printed ruffles frock. Love that cute button on the bow..
    Your sewing is neat. Finally I have started knitting.. nothing to show off though