Friday, March 15, 2013

Sewing: Toddler Dress

 Every year, around this time, when it grows steadily warmer, I have an urge to do some spring sewing for my kids. This year too, I have found myself drooling over all the lovely clothes on Pinterest, for the last couple of weeks. Sadly, I do not have much fabric at hand and no chance to go shopping until the kids' exams are over. But still, I found a piece of plain purple cotton and taking inspiration from this top, got out my sewing machine. I was too lazy to look up the associated tutorial and did my own thing, but there definitely is a free tutorial for those who maybe interested.
 It was a quick, fun project, in which I got to expand my skills in sewing pleats. And I may have to do another one for my older daughter soon, as she wants one too, in the same color.


  1. Quinn, I accidentally deleted your following comment while publishing it ( my cellphone's small screen sometimes make me miss and hot the wrong link). I am copy-pasting it below from email:
    I love it!! The wavy pleats are such a lovely design, and your daughter looks so pleased and happy :)Now I need to start thinking about warm weather, and planning to sew one or two simple dresses for myself...even if right now the ground is frozen solid and there is still snow!(Thank you so much for your good wishes for my lettuce! I need all the help possible when it comes to gardening.) q

  2. She is growing up so fast! She now looks like a little girl. The dress is gorgeous too, it looks cool and comfortable while being very pretty and girly.