Friday, February 8, 2013

Paper Moon Socks

I had started these socks during last year's Month O'Socks, which would be February 2012. I finished the first sock in March. But then the second Sock Syndrome struck with full force, and off went this project into hibernation. I only took them out this week so that these could get done before this year's Month O'Socks. This pair is for my father, who really appreciated the first pair I knit him. He has been wearing that pair continually throughout the winter and got it promptly repaired when it developed holes. Hopefully, he will get good use out of these too. The pattern is OK, the details on the ribbing section being missing. I used Knitpicks Stroll Tonal (Kindling) for these socks.
And as you have probably already guessed, my next project is also going to be a pair of sock, or may be two, during the Month O'Sock (Feb 15-March 15). I think I will have a jump-start and start this weekend.


  1. Very nice! Lots of detail in the knitting and I love the subtle tones of that yarn. I'll bet your father will be very pleased!

  2. I love that pattern! And I think your father will be very proud to wear them.