Friday, December 30, 2011

Well Begun is (almost) Half Done

After ditching the Vine yoke Cardigan, my friend Shells and I decided on Girl Friday (We are doing a knit along). She also had encountered some issues with the former pattern in an earlier attempt and was wise enough to wait the outcome of my project before recasting. Anyway, we both liked Girl Friday and started it. I am happy to report that it has been such a pleasant knit so far, no issues at all. The lace pattern is very easy to memorize. I am knitting both fronts and back together and am almost at the point of splitting for armholes. Shells is well pleased with her cardigan too, you can see it here.


  1. It has been a pleasure hasn't it? In between all the doll knitting, I have knit on this too, I'll get a newer picture up tomorrow. I just split for arms this morning, but spent the morning biking so not much progress has actually happened. I am so glad we found something that we will both enjoy rather than suffer through. Happy New Year!

  2. As I can see you really do a very good knitting,the pattern seems to be complicated.
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