Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cloud Chaser

This has been the reason for my  long absence from the blog. At first glance, Cloud Chaser is a vest, and a vest can take only so long to knit. But, in actual knitting experience, it eats up almost as much yarn and time , as a full, sleeved sweater. Both fronts almost equal the back in dimension and then there is this long span of collar.

However, it was well worth the knit. The pattern is well-written and interesting. It has turned out beautifully, especially if you take into account that the yarn is a local wool that I dyed with KoolAid and it felted during the process, so much so that I had lost hope of its being salvageable.

  We have some hint of cold in the weather, so hopefully, I will be able to wear it soon. Now I am at a loss as to my next project. In any case, I will try to be better at blogging and post progress.