Thursday, September 8, 2011

Butterfly Garden

This is a pair of socks I started around Eid. The yarn is Knit Pics Stroll Tonal (springtime) and I, very non originally, decided to knit a pattern which was featured in same colorway. So, no surprises in the FO, it looks almost identical to the photo featured in the pattern. However, I did a few modifications and added the lace strip at the back of the leg and did a couple of extra repeats.This toe-up pattern is easy enough to fellow and memorize and I made sure I bound off very loosely, so as not to have a tight picot edging. And I am particularly partial to the butterflies on the top.


  1. MashaALLAH - beautiful.
    Love the lace.

    nima noema

  2. beautiful! wow! Pakistan! Its so far, grettins from Lima, Peru!

  3. Original or not, it is still a lovely pair of socks. Enjoy!