Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Month of Sewing: A Simple Baby Romper And A Baby Peasant Shirt

Two more baby outfits, which hopefully complete the list of baby outfits for the Month of Sewing. The first one is a simple baby romper in nice, green cotton fabric. Again, it has buttons on the shoulders and underside of legs for easy handling.

The second one is a front open peasant shirt I made from the fabric leftover from the baby bonnets. I love how cute it turned out.
Moving on, I have been working on my drafting skills over the weekend. I have drafted myself a sloper and hope to try it out by making a kameez (shirt) today, inshaAllah.


  1. Wow, too cute! I love the rompers(the green on and the one from the other post with the matching bonnet), one piece outfits are just so easy with small babies.

    All your baby clothes are so inspiring, I think I might have to sew up some little outfits! Perfect use for the left over bits I keep putting aside.

  2. You make me wish I had a baby to dress!

  3. Hi, great rompers :D could you please sent me the pattern? to mateja.pozar (gmail.com)