Sunday, September 12, 2010

Eid Mubarak

We had Eid yesterday. I have a mild respiratory infection these days so we turned in early on chaand raat (eve of Eid).However kids got to have their mehndi (henna tattoos).The automobile theme went strong for the second year in a row.
Eid day started early. It was a hot day (or maybe it was my febrile state).

After Eid prayers, we went visiting family and then had visitors in the evening. The festivities lasting late into the night. Kids had a good time playing and getting gifts and eidee (cash gifts).
I got my turn with henna last night.
We are taking it easy, resting off fatigue. And we are having some rain too, which cools off the temperature!
Hope everyone had a nice Eid!


  1. I have only recently started following your blog and enjoy reading about knitting on another continent!

    I have been intrigued for a long time about henna tattoos - can you explain the significance of them to me? (I much prefer your henna'd hand to the kids' hands with cars!)

  2. eid mubarak umme yusuf....
    you know, i spent my ramadhan with muslim from pakistan in masjid yokohama, japan.

    And Also our imam came from pakistan. He's Hafidz Quran, masha Allah

  3. assalam alaikum
    MashaAllaah, looks like you had great eid, alhamdulillah. I just LOVE henna on your kids' hands, espesially flowers on little fingers of your daughter look so pretty and cool, mashaAllaah!

  4. Very pretty henna! (on the children's hands and yours!) Get well soon!

  5. Eid Mubarak is called Seker Bayram in Turkey. (The holiday of sweets). The children go from home to home in their apartment building to get sweets/candies/lollies and have a great time. I loved Eid Mubarak in Turkey, it was a happy time.