Thursday, November 12, 2009

Spartan Pullover

I finished the spartan pullover yesterday. I used thinner yarn than was called for in the pattern. Consequently I had to adjust to my different gauge. The details can be seen at my ravelry project page. It was a simple and enjoyable knit more so as it turned out perfect. DH is well pleased with it.

In a quick little project, I made this pair of crochet flower clips for my daughter last night. I love this stage when kids are thrilled to have things made for them by their mommy. I wonder how long this lasts.


  1. I really like the pullover. The pattern and colors look very well suited to your husband! I hope the weather is allowing him to wear it often already.

    And when do they stop appreciating something Mom made? Well, I am surprised that my child who is almost 19 has asked for"purple sparkly gloves" for this winter. I am not sure how that will go over at the university, but he will have them!

  2. Beautiful work.

    Children never stop appreciating what mommy made. I still remember all the dresses and things my mom sewed for me.

  3. The crochet flower clips are so sweet.