Saturday, August 8, 2009

Stuck At The End

I have been working on the clover pattern shawl for the last many days, hoping to finish it this weekend. The rows grew shorter as I progressed (this shawl is knitted from outer edge inwards), but my stress level rose as my yarn ball gradually diminished in size. However, I still could not be sure if I had enough yarn at this point.

But this little ball of yarn was good for only another 1.5 pattern repeats, leaving me short of yarn for the last 6 repeats. I am guessing I need about 100 m more. So, until I can find that amount of matching yarn, this project is on hold, sad really as I was hoping to finish it this weekend.
However I am taking this as the point were I have fulfilled my resolution of finishing two FOs before casting on any more. So I will be casting on a project or two over the weekend, inshaAllah.
On another note, Ramadan is just two weeks away and I have the intention of limiting my craft activities during the month and concentrate on the spiritual side of things, inshaAllah. I have started work on my Quranic Arabic and hope to read the Quran with understanding. I can manage some already but hope to polish it further.


  1. You and I having the same problem. I ran out of the yarn I was using to make an Afghan for my friends and can't find the brown color I need, I think they may have I am re-thinking what else I can do...have one less row of brown and do more of the green....Oh well I will figure something out and you will to.

    have a great weekend.

  2. This really is a big fat bummer! I am so sorry you ran out. Let's hope we can get some matching yarn so you can finish it up, it should be fast once you are back at it.

    Of course, I LOVE the fact that you are casting on something new....I can't wait to see!

  3. as salaamu `alaykum!

    Awww... I don't suppose I could get you some yarn from Singapore? I am leaving 19 August and I need an excuse to shop :) Let me know OK?

    I love your Ramadan resolution - I shall try to do the same. Which books do you use?

  4. @ Imaan. Walaikum assalaam! Jazakillah for your offer, I am most tempted, LOL. However, for this shawl, I am going to try ravelry's ISO forum.
    I do hope I can keep up my Ramadan resolution inshaAllah. It was really a PeaceTVUrdu's ( Arabic teaching program that spurred me into this. They have there lessons' pdf on their website, so I can revise the lessons on my own.

  5. What yarn are you using for your shawl? One of us who reads your blog might have it........

  6. It is Skacel Merino Lace in light taupe color.

  7. What a shame to run out of yarn so close to being finished. I hope you are able to find more.

  8. Very sophisticated shawl, I enjoy finishing UFO's too.