Thursday, March 27, 2008

I'm back

I'm back after a break of about two months. I was not completely of the scene as I quite regulary visited ravelry and other sites but did not take on any major projects ( a child's sweater does not count as major, right) and concetrated on my household and studies. Now I have a small respite of few days, then I may have to study a little more, but I am going to catch up on things right now. Thank you to my readers who have hung around (I wonder how many of you are out there!!).

My comeback coincides with the arrival of spring so here I present to you a few colors and flowers of spring from our terrace.
This first one to blossom is jasmine which flowered in february when the days were still a bit cold.
I don't the names of these but do love the colors.
And the latest arrival was this pink rose which flowered just today on our littlest rosebush.


  1. Wow what beautiful flowers! Happy Spring. I am looking forward to reading your blog.

  2. Such pretty flowers. How tranquil they look! Thank you for such a nice blog. I came here via Ravelry.
    Grace & Peace
    ~ Robyn

  3. I am sorry that I missed your official return, but your flowers are lovely and just what I want to fill my head with today! The jasmine makes me think if sitting in the sun after a long day with a cup of jasmine tea.