Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ravelympics Project # 3: Crocheted Yoke Cardigan

I finished this cardigan on Tuesday the 19th, but could not post about it due to computer/internet trouble. This is my own pattern. I started out by crocheting some flowers and arranging them in a yoke. Then I picked up stitches along one egde to knit the neck rib, and picked up stitches along the other wider end to knit a top-down cardigan. The yarn I used was again a local acrylic DK, Dolly (now discontinued). I had only two balls of this, so I added stripes of another blue-with -flecks yarn. Crochet hook size was 5mm and needles were 5.5mm. Here is the back:

Because of my loss of patterns, I have decided to drop my fourth project for ravelymics, as I was already undecided about it. I am now working on my final project in WIP wrestling category, that lilac cardigan for myself.


  1. Hi Umme,

    what a great idea to crochet the flowers and then knit the rest. Very original.
    As you saw on my blog, I was into crochet-ing too, a long time ago.
    I think a little child will be very happy to wear that cardigan. It's beautiful and summerlike.

  2. A cardigan with flowers-a sweet cardigan I really love.
    Have a nice new week and thanks for your support.