Monday, August 18, 2008

Ravelympics Project # 2: Striped Baby Surprise Jacket

I finally finished the baby surprise jacket, late Sunday evening. I knitted it in 18'' chest size. The pattern is not difficult but there is a lot of increasing and decresing involved. That, together with the number of colors I was using, made it a not so "mindless" a project.
I was a bit careless the first time and had to frog the whole thing. I used leftover yarns from other projects, all acrylic sporstweight. The needle size was 3.75 mm.
Though I admire how the sweater looks from the front, I don't really like its back. I suppose it will look ok on a baby. Anyway, it was different and unique from the usual cardigan patterns and here lies its appeal.
ETA Aug 22: The back has grown on me and I now seem to like it quite a lot.

I have made progress with project #3 as well, with only the sleeves left now.


  1. Oh I absolutely love it! I love the colors and I love the front. I now wish I had a baby to knit for!

  2. Your BSJ looks lovely!
    I made my first one recently for my niece, but I didn't have the courage to makes stripes, so I used a colorful variegated yarn. Next time, I will bravely attempt stripes :)

  3. You are on fire! Your fingers must be smoking from how fast you are knitting! The sweater is beautiful - I like how the stripes go in different directions on the top from the bottom. Very pretty colors.

  4. It is so beautiful! I love it!

  5. That's really beautiful!
    where did you get the pattern for that!?