Sunday, March 17, 2019

Stashbuster Spirals III

There have been a number of pairs of handknitted socks sitting in my mending bag for a very long time. Most of them were badly damaged and I postponed dealing with them for as long as I could. But spring brings with it an urge to spring clean and in an attempt to tidy up my craft space, I decided to sort them out. I frogged four pairs of socks, mostly dicarding the foot portions and salvaging the yarn from leg portions of the sock. I decided to reknit them. I got two pairs out of it.
This is the first one. It is the third time I have knit the pattern. It is just a very good wzy to knit up leftover/ oddball yarns into a beautiful pair of socks.
These turned out pretty good. I was a but worried how the socks would hold up but I have worn them for a few days and they are doing fine.
I am almost done with the second pair too, and will show you in the next post.

P.S. The pattern is no longer published on the internet, but there is a internet archive link in the comment section of the ravelry pattern page that will take you to it.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Little Backpacks

A few months ago, my daughter (the middle one) asked me to make her a little doll-size backpack. She drew me a picture to explain her specifications.
It took me a while to get to this project but she persevered all along, reminding me of the promise that I would make it "some day, soon". Impressed by her tenacity,  I finally made the four-inch backpacks. Notice the plural, as her youger sister has to have everything that she has. Also, I made three as the prototype needed a few improvements.

Here are all three backpacks, complete with zippers, glue on pearls and all. The green prototype was gifted to a friend while my girls claimed the other two.
By the time of this post, it has been several weeks since the completion of the backpacks and the girls have moved onto newer toys. But they had a good run and are still intact, just hibernating for now.