Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Starting the New Year

Knitting-wise, I will be marking the start of the new year by casting on for Central Park Hoodie, inshaAllah. I will be joining a CPH KAL starting Jan 1st at ravelry (Sporum Forum). I did a swatch for it today and it turned out ok:
I also plan to continue working on my two older WIPs side-by-side. The sweater for my son is done down to the sleeves. I always intended it to be large. I think it is turning out to be a 6-8 year fit so my son will wear it next winter, inshaAllah.
My last WIP has been ignored lately. These socks are for my husband. After repeated frogging, I finally settled for a simple garter rib pattern. My aim is to finish the pair in January, inshaAllah.
So these are my new year WIPs. Only 15 minutes to New Year Here. Hope everyone has a healthy, happy and peaceful New Year!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Projects 2008

This year being my most productive year regarding knitting and crochet projects,I thought a recap was in order.
Total number of Finished Projects: 40
Sweaters/Cardigans (adult): 5
Sweaters for my kids: 7

Other projects for my kids (accessories/toys): 5

Baby knits (all gifts): 5

Bags: 4

Other accessories(socks/gloves/scarves): 9

Miscellaneous: 5

Total gift items: 11
My original design: 14
My original patterns: 7
This year was mostly about knitting, only 11 projects being in crochet.
I also tried my hand at spinning and love the process:

Right now I have two works in progress with probably a couple more in hibernation. However, for me, hibernating projects usually end into frog pond.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Another yoke...Fair-Isle this time

I had been waiting to finish the Tangled Yoke Cardigan to start a sweater for my son, for which I bought the yarn last month. I had got these to colors with no definite idea about the design.

Finally, when I started, I went for a top-down Fair-Isle Yoke pullover. The fair-Isle design is my own and hence somewhat rudimentary. I added two additional colors for the fair-isle.

Tonight I finished the yoke and will have my son try it on for the fit in the morning, inshaAllah. I am intending a larger size anyway.
Now I have to confess that I was up till 4:45 am last night to knit this and tonight it is almost two already. So, I am a bit groggy right now. Must go to bed...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Quick, Practical and Useful(?)

I seem to run out of the commercial sponge cloths and scrubs fairly quickly, so I had been wanting to try out some knitted one. So I knitted up this set yesterday.
I don't know the exact names for them. The larger one (washcloth/dishcloth/whatever) is intended for wiping the kitchen counters etc. The smaller one is a doubled up st st piece with purl side out, intended for washing the dishes. I used Peaches and Creme (and nylon thread for the second one). I will try them out in the morning, inshaAllah.
We also had a little celebration as my "not-so-little" son turned five yesterday, mashaAllah.