Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mohawk hat

Seeing a couple of such hats at crochetville, I was tempted to make one for my son. So here is mine It has had mixed success. My son is undecided whether he likes it or not while my husband thinks it's "funny" but "ok for a kid".

Currently I am working on a bag (yeah) and a pair of socks.That would be my first pair for adults.


  1. Wa alaikom asalam.

    Would you mind telling me what pattern this is? I have 8 and 6yo ds's, and I think they would *really* like this hat!

  2. Wa alaikom asalam,

    I love your hat!
    I'm trying to figure out how to make one for my nephew. The obvious question is: what did you do to make the red hair stand up?

  3. did you use latch hook for the hair, because if there's another way i need to know because i'm not that patient.

  4. Hi kreneeluce, I don;t exactly remember after all this time, but I think I used a regular crochet hoot to knot the hair in place. Sort of like I tied the fringe on my crocheted moccasins.(you can see the pics in the moccasins pdf.)