Tuesday, July 24, 2007

baby chic


· Cotton thread size 10: multicoloured 2 balls, grey 1 ball, white 1 ball and small amount of pink.
· A pair of knitting needles 3.00mm
· Crochet hook steel size 1.00mm
· A small piece of grey silk fabric
· Sewing needle and thread.

Row 1: k1, p1, repeat to the end, turn.
Row 2: p1, k1, repeat to the end, turn.
Repeat these 2 rows.


Basic band:
Use two strands throughout. With 3.00mm needles, cast on 8 sts. Continue in seed st till the piece measures 40cm (16 inches ) without stretching. Cast off.

Pink Flower:
Using the crochet hook, ch 6, join in the first ch with sl st.
Next round: Ch 2, 2dc, 1sc in the first chain, ( 1sc, 2dc, 1sc all in the next ch ), repeat 4times.Join with sip st to the beg of the round. (six petals formed).

Sew together the smaller edges of the band. Place the flower over the seam and stitch in place.


Basic band:
Make the same as the one for the multicolored band, except that use one strand of grey and one of white color.

Larger flower: take a strip of grey silk 6 cm wide and about 25 cm long. Fold lengthwise,-wrong sides facing in and iron lightly. Hand stitch the open edges tog with running st. pull up the thread and roll the fabric into a rosebud shape.
Smaller flowers: same as the large flower except take a 4 cm wide piece of fabric. Make two.

Sew together the smaller edges of the band. Place the flowers over the seam and stitch in place.


  1. Really cute - as are the weans!Looking for scrap items to make with leftovers to match jumpers I've knitted - these are ideal!

  2. Umme,

    Just what I've been looking for! Our granddaughter is expecting her first -- a girl -- and she wants knitted headbands. Thanks so much for sharing your love of knitting and your pattern.

    Sherrey in Portland, OR

  3. question for you...

    Do you find that bigger needles in relation to the size of the yarn make for more elasticity? Hints on this topic? I made one but once it gets stretched out, it doesn't spring back. mine is from organic cotton. Thanks!

    Susanne in CA.

  4. @susanne..I don't think needles affect the elasticity much. You can try shortening the length a bit to accomodate the stretch.

  5. Thank you for the answer! I think that it would be elastic if I hadn't used cotton. Oh well. I still love it!

  6. The head band is cute! I actually thought you were my sister! Her kunya is Ummyusuf too. You just spelled as salaamu alaykum differently or else I would have thought your baby was my niece that I haven't gotten the chance to meet!

  7. Hi Umme,
    This is really cute. Can't believe I just found it. :)