Sunday, March 17, 2019

Stashbuster Spirals III

There have been a number of pairs of handknitted socks sitting in my mending bag for a very long time. Most of them were badly damaged and I postponed dealing with them for as long as I could. But spring brings with it an urge to spring clean and in an attempt to tidy up my craft space, I decided to sort them out. I frogged four pairs of socks, mostly dicarding the foot portions and salvaging the yarn from leg portions of the sock. I decided to reknit them. I got two pairs out of it.
This is the first one. It is the third time I have knit the pattern. It is just a very good wzy to knit up leftover/ oddball yarns into a beautiful pair of socks.
These turned out pretty good. I was a but worried how the socks would hold up but I have worn them for a few days and they are doing fine.
I am almost done with the second pair too, and will show you in the next post.

P.S. The pattern is no longer published on the internet, but there is a internet archive link in the comment section of the ravelry pattern page that will take you to it.

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  1. My need-to-be-mended socks are in a basket, where I try not to see them because there are quite a few now! I've even found the original leftover yarn for some of them, so I can try to darn them in the same yarn they were knitted with. I have this image of me sitting in a cozy armchair, darning away with the cats sleeping nearby. Maybe what's holding me back is that I don't have a cozy armchair...couldn't just be that I'm lazy, could it? Well, hopefully I will be inspired by your example, which is brilliant - salvaging the yarn from the good parts and remaking into new socks! If my darning skills turn out not to exist, I'll take your approach instead.